Nmims sem 1 assigment

Because of this Sudhir, has reallocated the targets to all the marketing executives. The interviewers of focus groups are called moderators. The attrition rate is quite low at the organization; however, employee relationships need to be worked on as usually conflict rate is seen quite high.

You are the leader in a healthcare industry. In Lakhs Particulars V Ltd. Explain the Data smoothing techniques. Give examples to substantiate your answer 5 Marks 3. The recent trends demonstrate the transition from maintaining data in hard copies to digital data.

Please help her by listing out and explaining in brief the causes of miscommunication. The company has decided to keep employee relations as one of the top priority in Indonesian plant. As a part of the strategic management to achieve its vision, it decides to conduct training for its first line staff selling over the counter products.

Explain the concept of Supply Chain and with the help of an example from the retail sector, discuss how Information Systems are helping the organization in improving its supply chain performance. How does data mining work. If the price of the product increases tothe demand decreases to units.

Explain the various tools used for open source software development. Successes during the s in applying ABC methods to manufacturing prompted an eventual expansion of this methodology to other key components of the supply chain e.

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Information Technology IT has become an integral part of the modern supply chains. What are the various ways to resolve the conflict. The job of analysts is gathering data from various sources both primary and secondary and convert them into meaningful information.

You must edit approx percent answer for avoid copy case. It takes them seven days to resolve minor issues.

What according to you is wrong with Ajay. The following extracts are available from the financial statements of companies V ltd. Discuss any 4 on-the job techniques that can be considered for the executives.

The entire experience has left Nishant demotivated and questioning his future with the company. It has a strategic warehouse at a central location which receives supplies from various suppliers and stocks them in the warehouse.

1st Semester NMIMS Solved Assignments for June 2018

Saudi petro giant Aramco led refinery project is slated to come up at Nanar village in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra, also famous as home to Alphonso mangoes. It is essentially a reasonable judgement of future probabilities of the market events based on scientific background.

You have been assigned as a project manager to deploy ERP System in a new start-up company having multi-location in India, with standalone and disparate systems.

Explain the history of Internet. XYZ is a well-known cosmetic brand in India. He doesn't socialize with others in the office.

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Detail out the steps by way of a checklist you will follow to assess the HR policies. Explain the Rational Unified Process Model.


Latest Sem 1 and Sem 2 Nmims Solved assignmnets june VISIT degisiktatlar.com Or Mail us at [email protected] YOU MAY CALL US ON - WHATSAPP NUMBER- Internal Assignment Applicable for JUNE Examination SEMESTER 1.  List the aspect of employment covered by law a. Discrimination b.

Holiday entitlement c. Minimum wages d.


Union rights and consultation List the main features of current employment legislation degisiktatlar.comment rights b. Nmims 1st sem MBA SOLVED ASSIGNMENTS 1. Business Communication & Etiquette Dear students to get solved assignmentsof NMIMS MBA call us at or mail us at 1.

Masbet Corporation has been a family owned company. While they are celebrating their 50th Anniversary the new generation of management wants to make some changes in the. *Note:This solution is provided for Reference and Study purpose only.

1 Fixed Overheads Rsvariable cost per unit Rs 3, selling Rs If the company is earning a profit of Rs express the Margin of Safety (MOS). Sep 01,  · 1. Child labour is a violation of human rights. India is sadly the home to the largest number of child labourers in the world.

Children are engaged as household servants and are also employed by hotels, service stations, food stalls, workshops, construction sites, carpet industries, etc.

Nmims sem 1 assigment
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