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Compare our replica 4 x 10 speakers to Electro inc Delco slim line speakers used in many 's GM products. Our goal is to manufacture the industry-preferred product for every market we serve.

Prior to founding Electro Scan Inc. Semiconductor manufacturers use ESI systems for processing wafers. He has over Electro inc years experience in electronic component field sales.

We know that when it comes to monitoring your most critical production processes, your business relies on accurate and real-time information to ensure the safety of employees and protection of equipment. Electro Scan Inspection uses patented technology to measure the variation of electrical current that flows through cracks, bad joints, defective service connections, and other defects in non-conductive pipe materials.

Yet, on re-inspection, the pipe was more than half-full of water — on a clear day, mid-week, and in mid-afternoon — showing major leaks at every joint, undetected by CCTV inspection. When used with modern high power Electro inc, this speaker should be connected with 50uf 50volt non-polar coupling capacitors in series to prevent over excursion of the cone at very low frequencies.

These systems are delivered promptly and are supported by knowledgeable technical support, providing total customer service.

From double-coated tapes with extremely high-bonds to safety tapes such as barricade tape, danger tape, and reinforced caution tape and much more. Mike employs his new marketing ideas and continuing education studies within C C Electro. An aluminum foundry division, was acquired from Alcoa and moved from New York to its present location in Washington County Industrial Park in early The same year, operating division Line Power Manufacturing was incorporated.

Matt CohenVice President of Sales matt ccrep. The next generation technology uses a high frequency, low voltage, focused electric current to evaluate degrees of a pipe wall to find and measure openings that provide a clear path for water to enter or exit a pipe through defects.

We appreciate our many loyal customers who depend upon our products every day to maintain safety and help run their plants with greater efficiency, productivity, and control. Two years later, with scarce equipment and meager funds borrowed from Mrs.

The complex on N. These speakers can damage the older transistor radios. We appreciate your support of American Made Products. Menlo Park, CA Phone: His industry knowledge includes the medical, industrial, military and consumer products' markets. After years of having original speakers re-coned with very mixed results, we decided to manufacture new speakers that would outperform the originals, fit in the original locations, and work with the original radios at a cost lower than recone.

This speed monitor would shut off the driven equipment if proper speed was not maintained. The old alnico magnets are becoming weak with age and most re-coners do not have the equipment to re-magnetize the magnet.

History[ edit ] Framed photograph of Douglas C. The City of Galax was selected because of their unique project attributes, pipe locations and criticality, and financial need.

His corporate responsibilities include: About Electro Scan Founded inthe Company develops and markets machine-intelligent pipe condition assessment products and services to evaluate and certify sewer, water, and gas pipelines. He acts as a resource to all at C C Electro and with our Principals where new ideas for business growth are of interest.

We also have adhesive tape product experts who can provide tremendous support in identifying the best product for a specific application.

Ellen worked 5 years at Naval Avionics Center, Indianapolis, as an Electronics Engineer Co-Op with full project responsibility and received multiple awards for outstanding performance. Rhonda understands the practice of teamwork and open communication and uses both in her efforts to provide clear and concise support.

In the US, you can call toll free Equipment to evaluate sewers ranging from 3 to 30 inches in pipe diameter may be purchased directly from the Company and added to a variety of existing CCTV trucks or vans. With five manufacturing companies and two repair and service companies, the Electrical Group has nearly one million square feet of modern manufacturing facilities, located in Virginia, Tennessee and Mexico.

Nov 13,  · Electro-Sensors, Inc. is an industry leading designer and manufacturer of rugged and reliable machine monitoring sensors and wireless/wired.

Electro-Optical Imaging, Inc. -- Video Trackers and Tracking Systems.

Welcome to Electro Tech, Inc.

Electroimpact is a world leader in design and manufacturing of aerospace tooling and automation. Electroimpact is a highly experienced aerospace automation company.


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Electro-Tech is a specialty electronics shop for classic and collector automobiles. Radio Conversions Specialty Loudspeakers Turn Signal Systems. Company Profile. Electro - Tech, Inc. was founded in as a Minnesota Corporation. We are located in Blaine Minnesota, a northern suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

SinceElectro-Matic has helped transform American industry by supplying automation components and solutions to leading U. S.

Electro Medical, Inc.

manufacturers. As a single source supplier, Electro Tape has the ability to furnish a wide range of pressure sensitive tape products to distributors in construction, industrial, and retail markets.

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