Custom paper punches

It can only be applied to paper formats that are at least 9. Any trapped dust particles at this point would almost certainly have resulted in needing to start over from the beginning.

To begin wrap the fabric around the plywood and use a staple gun to hold it in place. The end product can be as good as your patience allows.

Hole punch

Instead I purchase their precut plywood. After fourteen coats, the brightness is uniform. The dimple is virtually invisible after about 20 light coats of matte acrylic lacquer. Orient dial with a very thin even coat of T epoxy. With the aforementioned HP printer, I found that the black ink did not produce a very satisfactory result at all.

Alternately you can screw the board straight into a stud or use drywall anchors. This would be sanded level later. Here are some photos of the Adventurer dial after all the indices were applied: For the Adventurer, I made this myself by painting many coats of luminous paint Glow Inc.

Alternatively, if you have the skills and appropriate programming tools, you can write a program to generate the artwork. I used a block of clear plastic into which I had drilled a 2mm hole to fit over the central brass tube.

Wedding Invitation Cards & Stationery Australia

Shown here is the stock ring and stock dial. Flip the board over and attach the bars. Dial Artwork There are many ways to create new dial artwork. When cutting the dial with a circle cutter, use a new sharp blade, place the pivot of the cutter in the centre of the artwork, and carefully adjust the radius so the blade falls exactly on the edge of the artwork.

Instead of this home-made luminous material, I used commercially available luminous tape Jessup to make the indices for the Evolution. The two middle holes are punched in accordance with ISOand so paper punched with the four holes can be filed in binders that are consistent with ISO This allows the punch and artwork to be viewed from all sides to ensure it is centered before pressing down to punch the hole.

Unlike the Adventurer dial, no lacquer was applied after the indices, as it would not have been possible to polish the finish afterwards. The selection depends on the movement being used, with one of the largest collections being offered for Seiko movements, by sellers such as Dagaz Watches and Yobokies.

Printing Tips Depending on your printer, you may have to go into the custom settings to achieve the desired resolution. Precision is important here, because even tiny misalignments can be apparent in the finished product. I stayed about a millimetre away from the centre hole as I did not want to glue the dial to the brass tube either.

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Making Custom Watch Dials

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Wedding Invitation Cards & Stationery Australia

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Custom paper punches
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