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So the following list of the Top 10 Automotive Manufacturer Auto OEM shows the best in the field without making one better than the other. An aircraft owner or operator may produce articles for installation on their own product without a PMA. This rule eliminated the incorporation by reference of type certification requirements in favor of PMA-specific data submission requirements.

OEM Brake Parts vs. Check the manufacturer's catalogue to verify vehicle application and look for disclaimers, such as "Not legal for street use in California.

In fact, an aggregator doesn't start with any requirements, just a database of specifications. Breaking the OEM Stranglehold For years, OEMs not only enjoyed a virtual monopoly on replacement parts, they also had carte blanche to raise their already high prices every year.

Parts Manufacturer Approval Parts Catalog

Some companies will have these diagrams available on their websites and you can determine the MPN yourself. The manufacturer may rely on qualitative analysis to show through test and computation that the part directly meets the FAA's safety standards.

Still a top supplier for motor vehicles and car parts Daimler has had many obstacles thru its history. Breaking the OEM Stranglehold For years, OEMs not only enjoyed A parts manufacturer approval virtual monopoly on replacement parts, they also had carte blanche to raise their already high prices every year.

We document hundreds of design landings using a full-scale wheel on a state-of-the-art brake dynamometer before we even get approval to conduct a strict FAA mandated flight A parts manufacturer approval. In the s, the FAA engaged in an "Enhanced Enforcement" program that educated the industry about the importance of approval and as a consequence a huge number of parts were approved through formal FAA mechanisms.

parts manufacturing approval

Heads Replacement heads must be identical to the original part. And customers won't memorize each manufacturer's unique numbering scheme when the full description and datasheet is instantly available on-line.

Each manufacturer part number is unique and may have a combination of letters and numbers, but the style varies by manufacturer. Another name for non-OEM parts is aftermarket parts. Without reviewing all of the datasheets, there's no way to know which specifications are considered important and which have been ignored.

Buyers can also choose between OEM and non-OEM "aftermarket" parts for their vehicle and use the manufacturer part number to guarantee they are getting the correct item.

Distributors The manufacturer of a replacement distributor determines which of their models are considered replacements for original equipment.

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When you qualify a part for inclusion on your sources list, you literally qualify the manufacturer's A parts manufacturer approval, even if you obtained the part from the manufacturer's distributor. For instance, buyers could enter " serpentine belt " or " Dayco belt " into the Search field, and eBay will return the exact item queried.

Some buyers prefer to only buy from a certain manufacturer because of a reputation or because that manufacturer specializes in parts for a certain make of car.

Generally, non-OEM parts are more "generic" or "universal. For example, the part datasheet won't describe exact formulations of the part's materials or the manufacturing processes required to fabricate the part.

The source part number which may include non-numeric characters is assigned by its manufacturer. Carburetor adapter plates are not legal unless they are an integral part of a replacement manifold.

The salesperson can look up the item by manufacturer and find the SKU number, which indicates where the part is located in the store. Inthe German automaker BMW had a global share of 2. A PMA may be obtained for replacement articles for TSO articles that are approved as part of a product type design, provided that installation eligibility to that product can be shown.

Established in Renault a French-based company, is one of the leading producers of wide range of cars including two-seaters and light vehiclesand vans. One part can have a variation of the SKU designated for each of the retail channels; for example, one for sale at the brick and mortar location, and the other for ecommerce.

The company owns the brand Cadillac, which recently released the CT6 to re-capture the luxury market. With annual sold units at about 9.

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Requirements must be revised and expanded when these assumptions fail; or to reflect a new application of an existing part; or when you discover unexpected uses for an existing product.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) vs. Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) Date: 26 Jul / Posted by: Signature Engines / Leave a Comment. In our previous blogs we have been discussing important considerations when overhauling your aircraft engine.


One of the most intensive debates is whether to use OEM or PMA parts. PMA parts undergo the same rigorous approval and quality control process as OEM parts. The FAA oversees the production of both in the same manner. Accordingly, Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) is hereby granted for production of the replacement articles listed in the enclosed Supplement No.

You are reminded that the provisions of 14 CFR, parts 21 and 45, apply to the enclosed PMA Listing- Supplement No. The enclosed supplement should be. An approved alternative part may be a replacement part that has been given either Part Design Approval (TCCA PDA) by Transport Canada or a Parts Manufacturer Approval (FAA PMA) by the Federal Aviation Administration.

For a part to be classified as commercial under the new standards, a design approval holder (DAH) must create a list of such parts and apply to the FAA for approval. on the acceptance of certification findings made by the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States of America (FAA) for parts designed in the United States of America under the Part Manufacturer Approval (PMA) system of the FAA.

A parts manufacturer approval
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MARPA: Modification and Replacement Parts Association